The Gaddi Stools

Designed and made by Stephanie Leake 1st Edition

Can sitting differently, increase our happiness? A question The Gaddi Stools address. Two stools, give a new experience of sitting, and aim to increase happiness in the everyday.

Inspired by the Indian Gaddi community (claimed to be the happiest people in the world) and the way they live. These stools focus on the way Gaddi people sit, which seems to primarily be in a crouched or low to ground position.

The reason for there being two stools, is to symbolise the fact that (even in a very traditional shepherd community) the male and female are seen as equals, for example, both work to earn for the family. Therefore the stools are identical.

The central pole holds the two together for more compact storage and easier transportation. Making the stools practical as well as a test for happiness. The Gaddi people are Shepherds and the crook of the pole is based upon this fact.

The stools use a happiness formula devised by Stephanie in her dissertation research, in conjunction with the Gaddi way of sitting. The design is a result of these two influences, which is intended as a test for the question “Can sitting differently, increase our happiness?” Stephanie intends to improve her work using the stools, she states “The feedback from the stools will then be filtered back into the Design for Happiness Formula, to improve it and therefore allow me to produce better designs in the future.”

The Gaddi people travel the majority of the year due to their livestock, resulting in them being outdoors almost all of the time. This is the reason for the sand and resin. Stephanie wanted to bring part of nature indoors. The stools are primarily designed for a community of young creatives, ideally those that live together. Whether it be a group of artists or a young family.

Occasional stools, for that time there’s no seats, or as a replacement for the traditional living area seating. Hoping to encourage increased happiness and feeling of community in the home.